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You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. For example, if you choose to only use a coupon 3 times instead of 5 times in a single purchase, the coupon will be applied to that transaction and will no longer be valid for subsequent transactions! It is against written policy to combine paper coupons and digital coupons on a single item.

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner DiGiorno Original or Pizzeria! Pizza Nabisco 20 Count Multipack, Select Varieties Join the Kroger Krazies New to Couponing? Grid View Classic View. The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. Verizon Media will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products. Learn More.

To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you. For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciate it. I also have a friend that wants to coupon. We live in the Pueblo, CO area. When you are couponing and you make a purchase of a large number…like 55 shampoos….

I am in need of learning how to coupon. If any one has any suggestions please inform me asap. I live in Denver, Co. I live in the Denver area. If you need help still you can email me, brianna yahoo. The people that will be looking at you are people that will be jealous. Hi this show has really motivated me to start couponing I just had my third child I have a 2 month old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old. Due to the rediciolous prizes for daycare I am now a stay at home mom so we definitely need to save money where we can.

How do I get started, any tips? Do coupons expire? Can I use multiple coupons for the same items? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for fellow couponers in the High Springs, FL area. Zip code is I know i can get coupons online, the problem that I am running into is that I live in a small town with another small town nearby so theres really only two choices of grocery stores to choose from without driving out of my way into Gainesville for more options, which would be acceptable for me as long as the pay off is worth it.

Any tips and help and fellow swappers I can get would be great Thanks! It may cost up front, but what I do is look at the coupons first and do a random dollar amount to see if it is worth buying. If your saving alot more than the cost of the paper it is well worth it. Also ask friends and family to save for you. You would be amazed how many people say take them, its not worth their time to use them. My last shopping trip I saves I was upset because I wanted to hit the And before all the judges start to judge me, we just donated over So to all people who have loved ones serving or who have served, my family says Thank you.

I thought that this might be a way I could help them out. Hello, I have just become a viewer of extremecouponing on TLC. I am wanting to get started extreme couponing but I do not where to start. I found some grocery coupons but would also like to find deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc. Anyone have any ideas if so email me please with the websites. I wanted to know how I can get coupons mailed to me? I am new to my town and I do not have my own transportation so I need to try to get coupons in the mail to save money on my families groceries?

Please help us we live on a budget thank you!! If you contact whichever newspaper in your area that has coupon inserts, you can usually have a paper dropped at your door every Sunday, either for a fee, or just the cost of the paper. I hardly ever find any free coupons. We have only one store that doubles coupons, so there is no way to save that kind of money in our area.

Patty Ann: I am going to send you a personal e-mail to take you up on your offer of help with learning the couponing game. Where are you located at? Maybe we are close enough I can learn from you in person? Buddy Up? How do you find coupons on other things instead of condiments and cereal. I want things like meats and vegetables. Also I need baby Gerber Good start gentle formula.

I have just started researching and would LOVE tips and tricks from anyone that has any!!!!!! I already get a Sunday Tribune delivered each week, 1st thing in the A. I grab my paper and check out the coupons, if I like them, I will go buy 2 more papers as well as grab them from my mother and mother in law as well! I also go on several sites to get more, you can print 2 of each coupon from EVERY computer in your home; I have 3, thus, I can get 6 additional coupons on top of what I clip from my papers. Check out, coupons.

I found Publix had B1G1 on dial body wash…I had a 2. I am amazed by the extreme couponing goings on and am desperate to learn my family and immediate extended family are in desperate need for help and I have been clipping coupons, bought my printer have done all the right things but have no one to teach me the ropes. I have been in tears because I so desperately need to help my family. When I watch the people on TV abuse the situation it makes me so angry because eventually it will get to a point where the ones who really have need of this it wont be there for us anymore.

Please help stop the ones who abuse this and help the ones who have real need. This is a free country and if those who have a lot because they know how to use what they have been given is not abuse. One family is using what they save to send their children to college.

Most of them help others or organizations when there is a disaster. Learn the system and you can do the same. Barb, I have watched extreme couponing and I did see some people not donating some of the food they stockpile. I am not the same Tina that you commented to, I fully believe that if the person has the know how to save money then by all means do it, I am new at couponing so I am hoping I have the smarts to do it, but, when I do figure it out, I do plan on helping others by donating.

Tina: where do you live? What area? I am looking for someone to buddy up with too. Many of those people you see have had struggles of their own like you which has inspired them to coupon. Trust me they did not acquire their stockpiles overnight. Couponing takes time and planning.

The internet, Sunday paper, and coupon clipping services are all great sources for coupons. However, in addition, I would suggest you create a network of friends who coupon so you can swap coupons. Also, the ads that are delivered to driveways or apartment buildings — you know the ads that people leave laying in their driveway for days or weeks? These ads are free and they contain coupons. I was inspired to begin couponing when I saw an woman from Philadelphia on Extreme Couponing back in October She had been couponing for 30 years and she said because of couponing she had not paid for deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, or soap among other things in thirty years and that she was able to get out of debt.

I thought if she can do it so can I. What a great opportunity to provide for my family and for ministry. Hence, I began couponing about 8 months ago. As a result, I have been able to help my family, donate to local foodbank, share with friends and help other families in need. Here is some advice from one couponer to another: 1 Start small — only buy an item if it is on sale and you have a coupon for it — try to buy between 6 — 10 of an item if you can hopefully enough to get you through the next cycle.

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There are several websites that are great resources — they do the leg work for you so you do not have to run all over town trying to track down sales. I live in Ohio and clipshopshare. Email me if you would like more information or help toniedayton gmail. I live in a small town in Texas and i only have a choice of 2 stores to shop at H.

B and Wal-Mart. B seems to be the one i save more money at because they meal deals where i can stack coupons. I print coupons from coupon network and coupons. Please email me with any info you might have , i am also willing to trade coupons. Thanks in advance… harleyborn gmail. Usually when you buy a product, it has a webaddress somewhere on the label, or at least a physical address. Contact the company directly, and ask to be added to their mailing list. Often, that list includes a monthly or bimonthly coupon mailing. So, How in the world can I extreme coupon??? I really need to extreme coupon….

Take another person with you to purchase the additional 4 items for you. That way you can get your maximum. Perhaps your teenager, sister or friend. Or, check out and go back in and go to a different register. On the other hand, you could go back another day…… Just a thought! How do u find stores that except all them coupons at one time. Hey im a 29 year women who parents live with me and im the only one who work my parents cant work there or old and it hard to pay the bills and they pills and put food on the table i want to start doin that but i need help so if u guys can help me so i can save alot please help me to save.

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I am interested in knowing how to come by flyers from my sunday paper, there has to be awayto get the flyers without buying a thousand papers. I Love using coupons, but I live In South Florida and no stores that I have seen double or triple coupons like up north. I would like to learn how to do this. It has been a couple of bad years for use and every penny we save that can go toward a bill the will give me some relief. I am a new at this coupon thing and i saw on the tv the people would get 2 liter cokes or 45 life water or 48 cream cheese.

But when i print the coupons i see it says. So how can i use that for more than one or how can i use more than one coupon… i dont understand how that works… can someone please help me how can i get. Also, you really have to check the actual coupon and see what it says. Many have restrictions that you can only use it for one. If you look carefully then you can sometimes find coupons that the limits are for 5 or something.

I love this site an I am surprised at how much can be saved. I have never been one to use coupons, but after watching the show with my son, I am determined to learn the ropes. Is there like a couponing basics? And I have the same question like many others, how can you use one coupon to purchase multiple items, or do you need multiple coupons to get a big quantity?

So lost and curious, please help! Kaylynn, Wyandotte, MI.

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Anyone can use coupons and you would really get your bang for your buck with coupons as you are not taxed or taxed very little with foodstamps. I do this all year, not to the extreme couponing YET, but I make up several laundry baskets filling them up as the year goes on so by Christmas the baskets is full of shampoo, pads, soaps, conditioner, baby wipes, toothpaste, almost anything a family could use.

I always give it to family members, neighbors and others in need, and it is usually enough to last for mos it just depends. Everyone really appreciates it because it is things they have to buy anyway and this saves them so much money. I was wanting to know how i start couponing i have been looking on the computer and all i get is SURVEYS and i cant find any good ones at all. What else can i do to get good coupons? Well today I am beganing to start my own extreme couponing. I am terrafied.

Before you continue...

All I want is the help that any one can give me to make this a success for me and my family. Thank you all much in advance. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? How can I get the companies to send me the coupons on the internet by mail? I have looked at several sites, and they all say I need a printer? Target has really good coupons if you shop there regularly. Also you can find food, health, hair care, and even clothes and bedding coupons. I get coupons from everywhere i can. I got a great deal at staples because of planning. I then walked out with a It took a month to get all my discounts ready for that one day sale.

I also get coupons from Can-Am direct marketing Inc.

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Couponing was not so restricted years ago, now it seems some coupons help the stores more than the buyers. I am still open to learning more about couponing today, any information is certainly helpful. Happy couponing. By that I mean buy items that are under the coupon savings amount. Good luck everyone!!!

Goal: $50,000

Am I just missing the actual coupon, or this is the actual deal mis advertised? It seemed true for many if not all restaruants with that same come on. I thought it came on on wednesdays but this week it was not on. Do you know how to find the store that will let me use two or more at time and buy two or more items. I am just getting started here and would like to know if there is any coupons users nears me to help me get this up and going.

Thank you. I am sure when that company planned out the affect of the coupon they did not plan for people to take advantage of the system by trying to get the item for free. Amanda, What about donating the extra items to food pantries, homeless shelters, Salvation Army, etc…. All these places can use just about anything. So I say about stockpiling, keep enough for your family and keep making those less fortunate families happy in the process, that I imagine you already do. May GOD Bless!!

Does anyone know of these sites? I even remember seeing one lady that downloads the sales prices on her iPad, is there an app for monitoring sales prices? Sounds like this is a secret since they only mention every once in a while? I have gone to a number of websites for the brands I use, but most do not have coupons. Also, there are no stores around where I live that double. Even if I look for sales, the coupons on top of a sale may only save me 50 cents.

I would like to know where extreme couponers live where they find a product on sale and then the store doubles a coupon and they get it for free. That sure is not happening where I live. I went to the store yesterday and had only one coupon that I could use. The state programs all say we make too much money to qualify for any state help. All I want are some ways to save some money and get enough food to keep my family fed. I have clipped coupons for years but I never really concidered taking it to extermes until recently with the ecconomy and all.

Anyhow, I have very limited space to use for storage and was tips on this and any other tips would be much appreciated. How do people go about buying say How can I do this, and can you help? I live on a fixed income and have 5 people in the house hold all contribute to the monthly bills but I am only left with aprox. I need help! There are very FEW store which allow unlimited double and triple of coupons.

I dont understand how this works.

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Say i have one coupon for 35cents off tooth paste. At the store toothpaste is 88 cents. I dont get how on tv people by s of the same item on one coupon they dont have coupons on the same thing do they? And you can stack their coupons. You start out with a small amount of your own money and the rest are dirty cheap. I order the school coupon books all during the year and around June they start cut the price in half.

Which they do in Bham.

Hope that helps. If any one is interested in these book email louietrus aol. If any one is interested in these book email louisetrus aol. My sister showed me your website. Ive been couponing since i had my first child in im on child 3 now and the expenses increase or do they? Im not as good as the extreme couponers but i try. Some people buy alot of sunday papers not all of us have that kind of money. Buy one paper early in the morning look at it , then if u see good saving buy more.

Coupons save me and my family money but i like to donate to the homeless ive been homeless and i got help years ago now i want to make the difference me and my husband are going to start a non profit organization to help others. If anyone in michigan has ideas let me know thank u.

I can not get my coupons to print. Any advice? I was fortunate to be able to get over bottles.. Think about manufacturer that lost the money giving you that product for free or offering a discount. And then we complaining about recession. However, I use coupons on stuff I know I can use before it goes bad. I am very interested in getting started on my own couponing adventure and if I collect bottles of shampoo or of anyother items I will be donating them to my local agencies that are in need. Not offended just commenting. Would like to join your club. I am 21 yrs. Old, I have a two year old and I live in odessa, tx.

I want to learn how to extreme coupon, if anyone who lives in this area could help maybe we could get together and you could show me exactly what to do to save money for my family. Never done couponing before but I would like a someone to show me or couch on how to go about the hole thing. I am a going to be a mom of two soon and My fiance and are kinda broke on extra income for food.

I was wondering if you all could give me a little advice on how to start the extreme couponing. So if anyone out there could help. I do not have a printer to print coupons so how do I go about getting coupons to start extreme couponing? I would love to start couponing..

What are some of the sites called that will clip them for you and send them to you at a low cost?? Any other good coupon sites to go to?? Let me tell you I have cut my grocery bill in half for the month using coupons and buying buy one get one free I have been learning and it gets better each time I go to the store. I actually just started couponing and have done pretty well: I have a huge pantry that is starting to get stocked up.

It was sooo awsome! I actually get most of my coupons off ebay! I dont have to go looking for coupons, or pay for newpapers or do any cutting!!!! I would like to coupon, however, the stores around here, only one coupon, per item, per person, per day…….. In other words, if you had a 25 cent coupon on a box of noodles, then you could only buy one box and save 25 cents.

There is no where that EVER would double a coupon, and there is no store saver cards. But after you see it on TV, it just isnt the same. I, as many others, would love to start couponing. I am a college student and live on my own. I pay for everything myself. If I could cut down costs on my groceries and household items. I do not have a printer, and do not know how to get started doing this. I am willing to take the time to do this. I shop at Walmart typically because they except coupons from anywhere and they are already pretty cheap.

If someone could give me one on one help, that would be greatly appreciated.